Improving the patient experience: a training DVD resource for GP practices

In 2009, the NHS Practice Management Network ran a survey of 400 practice managers. 90 per cent of those asked said that they would welcome a training pack for their receptionists to help them deal with challenging issues including: improving access for disabled and BME patients, good customer care and marketing.

In response to this survey, and building on Improving access, reponding to patients - a 'how-to' guide for GP practices, the Network developed Improving the patient experience: A training DVD resource for receptionists.

Designed to help deliver high quality, patient focussed services, this free resource is not only helpful to GP receptionists and practice managers, but to all those involved in delivering primary care services.

You can view Improving the patient experience by clicking on the screen below, alternatively an easy to download version is available here.


A pdf version of the accompanying leaflet and press release can be downloaded below.


pdf: Improving the patient experience leaflet

 Press Release: Improving the patient experience




Please note that, unfortunately, we are not able to take orders for this product, it is currently only available as online content.