About us

This section is called “About us” but it’s really all about you.

The Practice Management Network (PMN) is a national community of managers in general practice. We want to influence the development of policy. We want to ensure that as key players in the local NHS, practice managers are engaged, involved and consulted. And we intend to make a fuss if that isn’t the case.

We want to share our wide experience as business managers with our colleagues in practice management and with others in the NHS. We want to promote excellence, provide practical support and identify examples of good practice. We will identify sources of expertise and encourage collaboration.

We will enthusiastically support policy that enables general practice to function more efficiently and contribute to improved standards of healthcare. We will question anything that adds to the burden on general practice or simply gets in the way. We will promote cooperation, understanding and dialogue with policy makers and with other NHS organisations.

We will champion the cause of practice management and the development of ever higher professional standards. PMN and the associated Website will provide a platform for constructive criticism, debate and discussion.

This is not the only source of information or support for practice management. There are excellent commercially funded published resources. We do not intend to replace these, but to provide something different: a means of uniting all those who work in practice management around a common purpose and a shared professional mission.

PMN was formed by a small group of practice managers with support from the Department of Health and several prominent stakeholder organisations. This will get us off the ground but the Network will only fly if it enjoys your support. We welcome your feedback, positive and otherwise, on the new Web site and the wider Network. These are works in progress and we will continue to consult you until we get it right.

Finally, please encourage your colleagues to register with the Network and please add your voice to the debate.

The Practice Management Network Steering Group