NHS Agenda for Change Pay Scales 2018-2019

Staff pay and the setting of pay rates is important.  As independent contractors, not all employers will follow agenda for change, but it is useful to know what the rates are so that you can compare this to your own rates and that of the national living wage.

The national living wage is £7.83 with effect from 1st April 2018.  The London living wage is calculated as £10.20*, with a regional rate set at £8.75*

If we take spine point 2 of band 2 as being a reasonable entry point for someone joining general practice, this would be the equivalent of £17,460 annual salary.  Based on a working week of 37.5 hours, this equates to £8.93 per hour.

How does this compare to your own staff pay?  Using the agenda for change pay scales is a good way of ensuring that you pay staff recognised rates and ensures that you can grade each role accordingly using the relevant band and rate.

See the 2018/19 Agenda for Change rates here

*2017/18 rates

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