Backstop is here, it’s official

At a time when we are still working through the GP forward view and it’s 5 year plan, the much awaited 10 year plan has been published. Almost immediately, the I&E report, (no not income and expenditure, but I wonder if the choice of title was deliberate). Investment and evolution details the 5 year plan relating to the investment within the GP contract.

It also includes key aspects with regard to IT and the digital development of primary care. More importantly it outlines the process of the creation of primary care networks and how the funding will be allocated and made available.

Oh and by the way, you only have until 15th May to sign up. Of course, maybe not everyone will be happy with this and so we have the ‘backstop’.

Paragraph 4.20 spells it out. I wonder if this will spark another ‘backstop’ revolution.

Read the full document here

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